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Technology, Process & People

Data Protection, Assessment, Consulting

Comprehensive end-to-end based operation

We provide 24 x 7 service availability

Pool of Security expert


Vulnerability Scanning

Service to identity infrastructure security vulnerability

Cloud SIEM

Real-time monitoring of security events, analytics, investigation and compliance reporting

Threat Hunting

Service to proactively hunt and search to detect and isolate threats

Forensic Analysis

In-depth analysis, investigation to identify and gather evidence in security incident

Security Testing

Pen-Test services to reveal flaws or weaknesses in security mechanisms



Web Application Firewall

Protect web application against malicious attempts to compromise the system or data

Identity Management 

Solution to manage identities, authentication, authorization within the enterprise users 

Endpoint Security

Service to protect end user devices (PCs, MACs)

Parameter Security 

Protect infrastructure security for the enterprise (ie firewall, IPS) 

Server Security

Sercices to protect enterprise server infrastructure (physical or virtual)


Cybersecurity Framework

Provides policy framework of computer security guidance 

Security Code Review

Process of auditing the source code for an application to verify proper security control are available 

Security Standard Assessment-ISMS, PCI-DSS

Services to assess or consult on the implementation security standards 

Security Awareness 

Provides security awareness to enterprise 

Security Training

Training services to enterprise on security solutions

Security Architecture Design

To consult or design the security controls within IT architecture to maintain data confidentiality, integrity and availability

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