With more than 20 years providing ICT Infrastructure Services to financial institutions, we are now venturing into application development for Financial Services Industry (FSI) market.We have a group of FSI SMEs with knowledge and skills in unit trust, loan management, general ledger, customer information, deposit, payment and branch delivery. Our home-grown products will be able to help customers in reconciling huge data, integrating to legacy and proprietary devices, reducing implementation cost and simplify the development of channels applications.

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The Edge

Home-grown product development

Specialized in middle-ware products

Successful implementation in financial institutions


Re.Con is a data reconciliation software that enable organizations to take control of their financial data by way of reconciling huge data from various sources. Re.Con allows online assignment of data management tasks to the employees to enhance operation effectiveness.


  • Supports uploading of data using CSV and excel format
  • Content-rich management dashboard to assist in decision making
  • Support both auto and manual reconciliation
  • Comes with user management module to increase security and control
  • Efficient dissemination of reports via email and physical printer
  • High-speed matching engine using proven algorithm

Device Service Server (DSS)

Device Service Server (DSS) is developed to make devices integration and device sharing easier.


  • Provides a set of uniform APIs
  • Enables integration with various devices for example printers, RFID readers, thumb print scanners, and MyKad readers.
  • Designed and developed in a very modular manner so that new servers for newly supported devices can be easily and ready to be used by applications.
  • Enables web-based application to control local devices in a simple way via Web Service.
  • Enables sharing of devices across different platforms such as Windows and Linux.


e-Connect is a middleware that provides “protocol-switching” between applications that use different network protocols, thus enabling interoperability among them.


  • Has the capability to accept a request/data from one type of network protocol and forward the request/data to another system that uses different types of network protocol.
  • A case in point would be the communication between two systems, a web portal and a back-end, legacy systems that resides on IBM Mainframe.
  • Opens possibilities for the legacy applications to offer services through a wide variety of new channels such as self-service machines, Internet browser and mobile devices.

Hybrid Client

Hybrid Client is a software development tool that enables fast development of a new front-end application of a branch delivery system.


  • Provides a software framework that consists of components to perform the common capabilities such as capturing transaction data, performing field level validations, updating local database, printing and communicating to the back-end system.
  • Comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) development tool, called Hybrid Client Studio which can be used to create transaction screen in a standard and efficient manner and has drag-and-drop capability to increase productivity of application developers.


ezVerify is a security-based product that offers two-factor authentication capability using password and biometric (minutiae).


  • Include User Management. Console for managing users and security
  • Enables enrolment of minutiae from MyKad to reduce effort of live minutiae capture
  • Supports standard JPN Minuatiae, ICAO
  • Uses JPN compliance MyKad Reader
  • Enables live comparison between scanned fingerprint and minutiae database
  • Speed-up sign on or authorization process using encrypted minutiae cached at client PC
  • ezVerify APIs can be used by other applications such as door-access, time attendance.
  • Uses robust, high threshold minutiae

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